Channel-11 Peering Policy

Channel-11 operates a network mainly in NIX Data Center  in Bali State Of Indonesia  and also participant in 3 Popular Indonesia Internet Exchange IIX and OPENIXP also CDIX . Channel-11 (AS24206) has an open peering policy, and will peer with networks that have a presence on mutual exchange points in accordance with the policies described below.

Channel-11 Peering Traffic mostly Inbound, have 16 Prefix of IPv4 and /32 IPv6. Now ready for dual stack peering.

Channel-11 uses PeeringDB as a single authoritative source of truth. This means peering partners must have an up-to-date PeeringDB entry before a bilateral peering session can be established. Channel-11 Only accept /24 prefix, no lower prefix allowed on bilateral peering session.

Important Notices
To ensure quality of operations, we reserve the following rights under our Peering Policy:
  • To alter our peering policy and peering requirements at any time.
  • To accept or decline a peering request at any time for any reason.
  • To suspend, without notice, peering connectivity in the event of a severe quality of service issue such as high latency, packet loss, or jitter pattern is detected and to take appropriate traffic engineering steps to maintain service quality.
  • To selectively withdraw prefixes from public IXP fabrics as needed to protect service quality.
  • To terminate any peering connection at any time without notice.
More details on PeeringDB